Saturday, May 9, 2009

Welcome Home Baby Jackson!

Yesterday I was able to Bring Jackson Home from the Hospital. We spent Two weeks at Primary Children's Medical Center, It was quite a Journey. I never expected to bring him home so soon. I can tell you that it was a miracle, The Lord has blessed us so much. He truly hears and answers our Prayers. Thank you every one for all you thoughts and prayers you sent out for us.
Here is Jackson today, it is not the best Picture and He probably needs a Hair cut too. But he is doing well except for a little pain and sometimes a belly ache.

This Picture was before surgery, we spent a week at the Hospital before they were able to get him in for his operation. We went in because his oxygen saturation kept falling. At this time he was staying about 60%, normally we are supposed to be at 95%. So they had him on High Flow oxygen at 7 liters which is a lot. And it really blows hard in your nose, but he was a champ and didn't once complain. All the Doctors and Nurses could not believe how happy he was all the time.

Here he is the Day after surgery, They preformed the operation on Thursday, April 30 2009. As you can see he was hooked up to a lot of tubes and wires. They operation went very well. It was hard to see him like this.

My poor little Guy!

Thursday May 7, a week after surgery was my Birthday. And I had a wonderful surprise from some of my wonderful Family. They Came to visit us and threw me a little birthday celebration. It was so nice to have some visitors, It really brightened my day. Thank you so much!

Me, Kristine, Thomas, Skylie, Isabelle, Marsha, and Jackson in the Wagon.

The Best Birthday Present of all was the wonderful recovery of My sweet Baby.

Primary Children's Hospital was such a great place. There were so many great Doctors and Nurses, I can't thank them enough. I also met so many other families with similar situations and it was so wonderful to see there faith and strength. I can't believe all the little children there with illnesses were so strong and they wouldn't let anything get them down. I sure learned a lot the last 2 weeks and have gained a greater testimony of my Lord, and Savior Jesus Christ and of His Gospel. I know with out a doubt that it is True!!

A Hair Cut For Brian

Today we thought Brian was in much need for a Haircut.

We tried a Mowhawk first, but thought that might not go over well with the Grandmas.

And since it is getting warmer we decided just to buzz it off.
So Here is our little Monk!

Bye Bye Hair!