Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd's First Triathlon

In July, Todd completed his first Triathlon; something he always wanted to do.  It was fun cheering on the participates.

Here are the boys and our friends watching the swimmers.


 Jackson was excited to see Todd come out of the water.

 Coming in from the Bike leg.

Running Strong!

 Brian ran the last few meters with Todd across the finish line.

 We were all so proud of Him!

 All tired out from all the excitement, couldn't even finish his banana.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brian's Preschool Field Trips 2012

This past year we were able to be part of a wonderful Home Preschool Group.  Brian really enjoyed it.  We took turns having Preschool in our home, and went on some fun Field trips.   In February, we were able to go to the Fire Station.  The only one in town with a fireman pole. 

 The Helmet was very heavy.

 Then in April, we went to Reed's Dairy for Ice Cream and to see the baby animals.

  And for our Last Day of Preschool we all went to the Zoo!