Sunday, July 17, 2011

Catching up on 2011

Here is Brian back in January, he liked to draw little guys in the snow.

Grandma Eiko bought Brian his first big Lollipop.

Brian turned 4 this year.

He helped us make a Snowman cake, and got a new bike for his birthday. He loves to ride his bike and can now ride without his training wheels.

We got a new Van in February, we really enjoy taking it on road trips.

Brian learned how to climb up the walls from his Cousins Tyler and Jay.

For Easter we had some family over for Easter Dinner and had a Easter Egg hunt in our back yard. One funny thing that happened was Jackson mistook some dog poop for an egg and picked it up. I thought I had cleaned up the yard, but I missed that one.

Jackson and Brian love playing with their cars in the dirt. They can spend hours here.

The Boys love trying to ride Beau, he puts up with a lot.

Here we are on our First hike of the year, Brian took the picture. He loves taking pictures.