Thursday, December 20, 2012

Our 10th Anniversary

    For Our Tenth Anniversary, we decided to go on a cruise with some friends of ours, who were celebrating their Fifth Anniversary.   We Cruised from Tampa to Grand Cayman then to Cozumel Mexico.   We had a Wonderful time!   Thanks to Grandma Ruth, Grandpa Steve, and Aunt Kim; who watched our Boys!

Here we are all dressed up for Elegant Night. We don't get a chance to dress up much, so it was a fun night.
Playing a very windy game of miniature Golf.  Earlier that day I won a trophy for hitting a hole in one, in the mini golf contest. 
Here I am in Grand Cayman,  the Rest of our Group are certified scuba divers so while they all went diving (pictures below)  I walked around looking in shops and taking a lot of photos of my self with the sites.

On our Anniversary November 15, we docked in Cozumel, Mexico.  We went on a great excursion, where we were able to drive our on Beach Buggy to a beautiful beach.  At the Beach we went Snorkeling and had a nice Mexican Lunch.  

Oh, and we got to see a small Mayan Ruin. This little building use to serve as a light house and would warn people if a storm was coming. The top use to be covered with conchs, so if the wind blew it would make a loud noise.

We had an amazing Anniversary, one we will remember always!
And here we are our last night at Dinner with our fun Servers! They really make it a   fun dining Experience.    We can't wait to go again!