Wednesday, January 13, 2010

On the Go

Jackson took his first steps the other day. He is still a little scared and prefers crawling, but it is so exciting to see him getting around, so I thought I would share some videos of him on the move.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas and New Year's 2009

We started out our holiday celebrations Christmas Eve by Celebrating Todd's Birthday, He turned the big 30!

Here are the boys Christmas Morning, Santa brought Brian just what he asked for a Dump Truck, plus a fish tank with some goldfish. And Jackson got a Train he could push around.

We loved having Grandma Eiko spend Christmas with us, we all had a wonderful time together.

Even with all the toys they could want they loved playing with the bubble wrap!

Grandma and Grandpa Carey got the boys a great toy Barn with lots of animals, they love playing with them. Jackson is learning the animal sounds, he can say "Baa, Baa" for the sheep and "ruff, ruff" like a dog.

Jackson pushing his train, he was so happy he could do it by himself.
Here is Todd with our Christmas Dinner, not to fancy but pretty tasty. Our main dish was Prime Rib. I need to perfect my recipe and cooking technique, but we decided to make Prime Rib a Christmas Dinner Tradition, so I will get plenty of chances to do so.

An attempt to get a nice Family Christmas Photo, I think it is a lot harder to do so with two kids than one.

We had a wonderful Christmas and hope everyone else did too.

To Bring in the New Year we headed up to Bonners Ferry, to visit Grandpa Steve and Grandma Ruth. We had a nice relaxing time just hanging out and playing games, mostly Pinochle. Brian loved playing with his cousin they even got to go sledding in the Backyard one day. It is so nice to be able to spend the holidays with Family. Now it is back to the old Grind, We wish everyone the very best in the Coming year!

Tyler with Jackson at Grandpa and Grandma's House.

Enjoying the snow, while it lasted. It rained that afternoon and was gone by the next day.

And here is Jackson with his Great Grandpa Chet and his two furry companions.