Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch Up!

Our Computer has been acting up lately so that is why I have been bad at updating our blog.
Not to mention my camera has not been working the greatest.
So here are some of the few photos I took this summer.

Brian's favorite store is the Pet Store. Especially Petco because they have "baby carts".

Brian and Jackson just playing!

At the Pool!

Brian loves to swim with Daddy. And he now loves to call us "Todd" and "Sarah" instead of "Daddy" and "Mommy". I thought wouldn't happen till he got older.

Brian and Jay with Grandma's kittens.
And we had a great accomplishment, Brian is now Potty Trained!

Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!

In July Grandma Ruth came down for a visit and she took us to the Zoo. Brian Loves the Zoo. He even knows how to spell zoo.

The Giant tortoises.

The Lion's Den.

The Penguin Habitat.
I guess I am not good at getting the animals in the pictures.

Just hanging out!

Here's a tiger!