Thursday, May 30, 2013

Camping in Yellowstone

May 23 - 25, we went on our first Camp out of the Year to Yellowstone National Park.  It was our first time camping in Yellowstone and we had a great time.
We camped at the Norris Campground, it was really nice. 

After we set up camp we explored the Norris Geyser Basin. 
There were a lot of different trails to wander. 
Brian's favorite color is blue, so he wanted a picture with the blue ponds.
A Candid picture of the boys on the trail with their hiking sticks.

After the Norris Basin we hiked around the Artist Paint Pots.
Then headed back to Camp for the Night.

The Next day we headed over to the Canyon. 
 Here is one of the many Buffalo, we saw.

A Picture at the Brink of  the Lower Falls.
Then at the bottom of Lower Falls.
The Stairs to get to the Bottom of the Falls.  We should have taken a picture on the way down, but I did not want to let go of the rail to take out the camera. 
There are 328 Steps down into the Canyon. 
These Buffalo came really close, I was afraid they might charge at someone.
Yellowstone lake was quite windy, so we only stayed there a few minutes.
And our Last stop, was Gibbson Falls. 
At that concludes our Adventures of Yellowstone for now.
We can't wait to go again and explore more of the Park.

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